Result #40: I was going to consider this resolution a fail but now that I think of it, I have another success.

#40 I will choose one day a week to focus on one resolution.

Date: 2-9-2014

Due Date: 2-9-2014

Resolution: As these resolutions start to pile up it's getting harder and harder to divvy up the workload. I feel that I'm setting realistic goal and that I'm pretty good a prioritizing my daily game plan. In the end, I have a full year to accomplish any given goal. I went into this project expecting it to grow to be verge of being out of control, so in no way am I discourage.

The past couple of days I've devoted a majority of my time to completing Resolution #10. Since I announced in The Daily Breaker that I was going to focus on this resolution until it's complete I felt less stress about neglecting my other resolutions. 

I've learned over the past couple days that juggling is fine, but sometimes I need to slow down and focus in on one trick. So from here on out I will be setting aside at least one day a week to focus in on one resolution without feeling any guilt that I'm neglecting the others. If anything this day of focus will bring the resolution that I'm focusing on closer to completion, giving me more time to work on everything else.

Note: During this day of focus I will continue to work on the resolution I set to be either daily, on going, or designed to force me to take breaks.

This may be another resolution that's not all that exciting, but it's needed.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 2-13-2015

When I originally set this resolution I didn't have a job and I only had 39 resolutions to work on. Not only did I have the time to stay caught up but also didn't really have a grasp on what 365 resolutions would be like. I had also yet to set any resolutions that I had to do on a daily basis.

I mainly wanted to set aside one day a week to work on the free schooling I signed up for as part of Resolution #4. At first I was doing pretty good at intentionally blocking off one day a week to focus on one task.

Then things started to get a little chaotic as resolutions started to pile up. Between the crazy workload and the increasing number of daily tasks it was impossible to focus on just one, even if it was just for one day.

I was about to mark this as a fail but then I remembered how I set aside Sunday to focus on all my cleaning, organizing and updating resolutions. I was very consistent with this Sunday ritual, so even though I wasn't focused on one task, I was focused on one group of tasks.

Though I have to do a little altering to the plan I feel it was a needed alteration so I consider the resolution to be a success!!!

And to celebrate one last focus day, today I'm going to focus on watching the rest of the movies on the AFI Top 100 Movies of All Time list.