Result #87: As promised, last year I successfully ate a salad a day until May.

#87: Eat one salad a day until May.

Date: 3-28-2014

Due date: 3-28-2015

Resolution: Today was my first payday!!! For the past month and a half I've eaten nothing but bucket food and food I've gotten from the food bank. This hasn't been the least health dietary period of my life, but I've definitely been lacking fresh produce.

Now that I have a couple bucks to spend on groceries I'm going to make up on some lost time and have a salad as at least one of my meals for the day until May.

I can't guarantee these will be the healthiest salads (i.e. a Taco Salad, or a ridiculous Cobb Salad may slip into the menu) but I do guarantee these will be green based (i.e. not including Potato Salad or Seafood Salad as qualifiers.)

I'm going to try eat healthier throughout the year, I just figured I'd kick it off with, "One salad a day until May."

I'll share anything fancy that I come up with.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 3-28-2015 (written last May)

It's May and I successfully had a salad a day!!!

I didn't end up doing anything all that adventurous as far as making or ordering any kind of elaborate salads like I was hoping to. I pretty much stuck with bag salad, some additional veggies, and either chicken or tuna.

I found that I really liked this challenge. I love not having to think about what I want to prepare for dinner. I love that the prep time can be quick or I can spend more time if I want to be fancy. I mainly love that salad is my favorite type of food; just a bunch of stuff I like dumped in a bowl.

I also just feel a lot better, so even though I have no plans to extend or create a new resolution I'm going to keep at challenge and consider it a SUCCESS!!!