Result #65: A ditto of yesterday's results; I successfully started, failed to complete but am not giving up.

#65 Digitize all my handwritten works.

Date: 3-6-2014

Due Date: 3-6-2015

Resolution:  Not only do I have computer filled with written works that I need to go though, I also have a few cubbyholes, like the photo above, in my apartment that I've filled with an unorganized stash of stories, poems, songs, and other musing from the past. I've been meaning to transcribe and store this mess for years but usually get too caught up in new project instead. 

I've made many false starts including adding a section to TheWickerBreaker that I called Stuff I Wrote Precomputer. Now that I have this resolution experiment to hold me accountable for my proclamations I will use this as an opportunity to set a deadline to finally get this done. 

By this time next year I will have gone through all of these random documents. I will throw away the random notes and check lists unless they are entertaining. I will transcribe anything that is worth saving to its own word document. I will share what's worth sharing. Finally I will package and store all hard copies, because I feel there is something about the handwriting that adds a visual element to the story that I don't want to lose in trade for tidy shelves.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 3-6-2015

Yesterday's results were for a resolution that I set to adapt all my short scripts into standard short stories. Though I started the task I failed to complete it on time. I do however plan to complete that resolution in the near future.

I must have been in a manic phase to think it was a good idea to add the resolution of transcribing all my hand written works the very next day.

If I would have remained in a manic phase I think I would have been able to pull this off without a problem. Unfortunately I'm bipolar leading my range of productivity to be very sporadic.

As I said in yesterday's results, I hit a point last year where I became very discouraged about my fictional work and needed to take a break. That break lead to this failure, but I did start the transcription process and do plan to finish it, just not at this time... which would have been on time.