Result #102: No matter how magic it is, last year I never made enough money to justify buying one $50 light bulb.

#102: Buy and test this expensive magical light bulb that promises better sleep.

Date: 4-12-2014

Due Date: 4-12-2015

Resolution: Sleep is one of the biggest struggles my in life. I feel that feel that the anxiety of insomnia plays a big part in why I drink as much as I do. Up until I got this new job and new bed time I had pretty much cut drinking down to a social activity. Now I'm back to being a daily drunk.

There is no crazy infomercial  for the light bulb pictured above, no crazy pitch man making crazy promises. I just stumbling upon this while looking for sleep solutions on Amazon. The product description claims that this bulb, "filters the blue light that gets in melatonin's way, allowing you to sleep better."

This kind of makes sense to me being that it's not natural to have some much light in our lives after a certain hour. This could potentially be a foolish presumption and if it is, I'll be out 50 bucks, qualifying this as an April Fools resolution.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 4-12-2015

I've said this in the past, and I'll probably say it again in the future as I fail more and more of these resolutions due to my financial shortcomings.

When I set this resolution I had just switch from a fun freelance career in film to a stable day job as a supervisor at a drug store. Being that I was part of management I had fantasies that I would not only make enough money to get by but would also earn enough to have a disposable income.

I was very disappointed to find that this wasn't the case.

Not was I still struggling to get by but I also felt miserably trapped in the world of retail and could have really used this magic light if it truly does promote a better night's sleep.

Though I did have money to spend on some of my more frivolous resolutions, I never felt comfortable enough to spend $50 on one light bulb. Not only is it a pricey bulb I also wasn't confident that one light would provide enough light for me to get by. 

I feared that I would either have to buy more lights to truly test the product, or I would have to turn on other lights in my apartment in order to see. Since I couldn't afford one magic light bulb there was no way I could afford four. Then I feared turning on the other light in the apartment would negate the powers of the magic bulb.

These concerns led me to back burner the magic sleep light idea which ultimately turned into this fail.