Result #114: Another case where failure was part of the plan and therefor this was a success!!!

#114: Find and follow the steps to a get rich quick scheme.


Date: 4-24-2014

Due Date: 4-24-2015

Resolution: Throughout this month of April Fools themed resolutions I've set many goals to experiment with sleep, foot care, weight loss, appearance, and various tasks that promise to quickly resolve any ailment or insecurity I may be suffering.

Other than ordering a book on free money from the government I've neglected to set any experiments that foolish promise to resolve my biggest concern of all...

Financial security.

Again as with all these other April Fools themed resolutions I'm here to test the absurd. As part of this test I will track down an over-promising work at home solutions to my financial woes and follow the steps even if it involves a small one time fee.

I know paying to make money is the biggest tell tale sign of a scam. If there is a fee I will only play along if it's low and one time and will instantly order a new ATM card upon signing up, just in case there is some reoccurring charge they set up without my knowledge. I like to order a new ATM card about once every other year so I know that I'm aware of who my auto-payments are going to. Which should only be Netflix and my internet.  

(Note: I will not answer anyone who actively seeks me out, that's too scammy for my comfort zone.)

As always, I'll let you know what I find.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 4-24-2015

I had a specific money making scam in mind when I set this resolution. Some site started to follow me on the Twitter, that promised endless, at home, writing opportunities for massive amounts of cash.

I doubted that it would work as well as promised but I was interested in checking it out to see if I could make maybe hundreds of dollars a month instead of the thousands of dollars a week that it claimed.  

If I wasn't on the hunt for foolish resolutions to set because of my April Fool's themed batch of experiments, I would have just chalked this up as a scam and let it go at that.

Instead, I foolishly bit and signed for the "act now special" of $29.95.

Thought the page I signed up through seemed somewhat professional, the linked site that I subscribed to was totally insane. I had to click the "No Thanks" link about five times to navigate past the seemingly endless money making opportunities that were offered as add-ons.

This made me regret my purchase even though I went into it expecting it to be a bit of a scam.

Then I got to the actual page which was filled with ads for the links that I had just said no thanks to. In the center there were links to actual writing jobs. Though they were valid offers, these were links pulled from sites like Craiglist and several freelance writing sites that I was already aware of. Sure this site pulled them all into one area but there are several free sites out there that do the same exact thing.

There was absolutely no benefits of going through this site.

They said that there was a 30 day money back guarantee. I instantly started the refund process which almost took the 30 days to resolve. I'm not sure if I would have gotten the refund if I didn't have Pay-Pal intervene.

Being that I thought it was a scam going into signing up for this site there wasn't much of a lesson learned, unless you count the lesson that when you pay with Pay-Pal they really have your back. At least in this case they did.