Result #97: I successfully found out that arch supports aren't all that helpful when it's the balls of your feet that are actually bothering you.

#97: I'm going to use this As Seen On TV product to cure my aching feet.

Date: 4-7-2014

Due date: 4-7-2015

Resolution: In searching for resolutions that stick to the theme of April Fools I naturally found myself perusing the As Seen On TV website. Whether or not any of these products are actual BS, you can't help but feel like a fool when you find yourself thinking, "You know, I really want to try that!"

Again, doubting your sanity has nothing to do with product. Your doubt in self stems from, the insane over acting of the people living without the magical product in question, how crazy these people are when they try to use the standard item that’s readily available, the psychotic testimonials of how negatively this mundane matter is affecting these mental patients and how over the moon they by the slight improvement their lives are now that they have not only one but two of these magical items that you think you MIGHT be interested in trying.

That said I'm going to sound like one of these mental patients as I explain why I'm choosing this product to experiment with. Here we go...

Since starting this new job I am on my feet ALL day. By the time I get home from work, my feet are KILLING me. I've tried insoles in the past and they’re nice when they’re new, but they always end up bunching up and sliding around eventually leaving my shoes more uncomfortable than my shoes were before I bought the insoles. That's why when I saw that you actually strap STRUTZ CUSHIONED ARCH SUPPORTS in place I knew I had to at least give it a shot. Also that kangaroo thingy of a mascot kind of reminds me of something from either Rocko's Modern Life or Duck Man... I don't really know why?

(SIDE NOTE: Good news for those of you who actually follow along. Starting this Friday I’ll be caught up financially and will be able to start ordering the products that I've been promising to experiment with.)

I can't wait to share!!! 

Update #1: The Strutz. Buy on get one free!?!

Date: 4-14-2014

After tracking down this product on the As Seen on TV website for one of my April Fools themed resolutions, I found them the very next day while walking down one of the aisles at work. There they were with a buy one get one free sticker hanging on the shelf.

I didn't even have to call a 1800 number to order them!

To top it off, not only did I get the free extra pair I also got an employee discount on the pair I did pay for!

I put them on right away and was kind of impress.

It didn't take long until I was annoyed, but I think it was my fault.

My heels and ankles have been sore everyday since I started this job. I thought I was smart and slid these things as far back as I could get them. The extra padding in the heel was nice for a while, but being that these Strutz are meant to be arch supports and not extra heel padding I don't blame the product for my misuse equaling discomfort.

Today is second day testing Strutz the way they were actually meant to be warn. It's much more comfortable this way.

We'll see how they do with time.

I'll keep you posted.

(BTW I plan to wear them once a day for a month to consider this a successful experiment.)

Update #2: The Conclusion:

Date: 5-14-2014

So I've been wearing these Strutz arch supports for a month now. At first I was very enthusiastic about this purchase but became disappointed very quickly.

I think the problem is these things are designed for people who have problems with their arches. My arches are the only part of my feet that don't hurt. I have more of a problem with my heels and the balls of my feet so having padding in the middle of my feet didn't lead to any relief.

I also feel that since I have big feet these Strutz pads were kind of tight. I was always aware that I was wearing them. Sometimes they would slide forward and become horrible uncomfortable until I readjusted them.

I think I need to look into socks with build in insoles.