Result #136: I couldn't justify the cost of shipping thrift store glass leading me to no longer have decanters to fill.

#136: Fill these decanters with change.

Date: 5-16-2014

Due Date: 5-16-2015

Resolution: Back in the day, before ATM cards were debit cards, when I had to make trips to the ATM machine to take out cash to make my purchases, I used to pay for everything with bills and throw my change into a change jar. 

Using this savings technique I would end up with a couple hundred bucks every few months. The also didn't have Coinstar yet so a lot of procrastination went into rolling up these coins to turn them in, which led to more savings.

When I first moved into my apartment I bought these four decanters to pay homage to this savings technique that helped get me through my late teens and early twenties. Unfortunately I still live paycheck to paycheck. Every time I managed to stockpile coins, desperation inevitably strikes and I'd have to cash in.

Now that I have this day job and am not working freelance, I'm supposed to be more financially secure. To test this security I will first see how long it takes to fill these decanters with coins and then see how long I can keep them full. 

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 5-16-2015

Being that I barely use cash to make a purchase it's rare for me to end up with a pocket full of change like I used to. Back in the day, maybe twenty years ago when I did use cash, I would have filled these decanters in a couple months but this year I barely managed to fill past the first quarter mark.

About half way into this resolution I decided to move. Being that it would have cost about twenty bucks to ship these thrift store decanters that cost me less than five dollars to buy, I decided to send them back to the thrift store rather than send them through the mail.

It's probably a good thing because they probably would have just been destroyed like most of the other glass items I shipped. I, being a dumb ass, packed as if I would be handling the package with care. I worked at UPS, I should have known better.

Oh well, either way I no longer have the decanters leading this resolution to be a fail.