Result #169: Thought I donated some food, I wouldn't say it was enough to consider this resolution to be a success.

#169: Start making deposits to my local food bank.

Date: 6-18-2014

Due Date: 6-18-2015

Resolution: I've never really figured out how to save money. Life has always been a matter of feast or famine with me. I had always heard of food banks but never thought I would need one. Even at my brokest I was rarely more than two days worth of scraping to get by until I would get some form of paycheck.

That is until last year.

I started getting higher paying/bigger gigs in my freelance work but I was also getting less of them. My head didn't allow me to see this trade off. I was living as if I were getting the higher paid gigs with the same consistency that I would get the lower paid gigs.

This isn't to say I was living high in the hog, making it rain where ever I went.


This meant I would go out to dinner and a bar with some friends. This meant I would replace the shoes that were falling apart on my feet without having to wait to make sure I had a new gig lined up first. This meant I had both Hulu and Netflix at the same time.

That's how I splurge.

Then I went through another famine. There didn't seem to be an end in sight. I swallowed my pride went over to the food bank directly across the street from my apartment. I've never had a problem with the concept of a food bank, I just didn't think I deserved it. After all, I'm the one who took the gamble by choosing art as a career and lost.

But I was desperate for food and that's why they're there.

I didn't use their service every week but it came in very handy more that once (more than ten times even,) because of the food bank I was able to extend the stint working my dream job for an extra year and figure now is the time to give back.

At first I was going to resolve to give something crazy in one big gesture but instead I decided give back the same way I used the service, from time to time and whenever I can instead of whenever I need. 

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 6-18-2015

Once again I was hoping that having a full time job would afford me the ability to give back to the food bank that was there for me during the down times of my freelance filmmaking career. Unfortunately the way the world is going, I still had to use the food bank from time to time even when I had full time employment.

Though I did make a couple small donation of clearance food from my store, I don't think it was enough to consider this resolution to be a success.

Hopefully some day I'll be successful enough to move this resolution out of the failed status.

As always, I'll keep you posted.