Result #181: Yet another year where I failed to fish.

#181: Catch, Clean and Cook a Fish.

Date: 6-30-2014

Due Date: 6-30-2015

Resolution: I used to go fishing all the time as a kid. It seemed like every family trip consisted of some combination of camping, fishing and panning for gold. I've caught my fair share of fish. I know that I've reached into many of these fish to pull out the guts but I'm pretty sure my dad was in charge of all the cutting. I know for a fact that I've never been in charge of cooking anything that I've caught because I was way to young.

Today a friend posted the words "Fiiiissshingggg With Johhhhhhhhnnnnnnnn" on their Facebook page. Fishing with John is one of my favorite shows of all time and one of the first DVDs I ever owned.

This got me thinking how much I miss fishing.

Then I realized that I've never caught a fish as an adult.

That said I've only tried twice.

Once about twenty years ago when a group went camping for a friends bachelor party. I showed up to the campsite at about 4:00 in the am after driving three hours after work and was greeted by two of my roommates still up, still drinking.

They decided it was time for me to get caught up as we ventured down to the lake to attempt to fish. I caught up quickly and our little journey to the lake cost us one fishing pole and almost got us evicted from the campsite.

The second time was about two years ago, when a couple of my friends and I decided that we were going to be all about fishing that year. We took this fishing proclamation very serious for one day. The fishing season barely started and we were aware that there wasn't much chance of us catching anything, this trip was more about practice and avoiding the non-fishing friend's LAN tournament.

We didn't catch a thing and didn't follow up on any of our plans to try again, but we did go to the grocery store to fill up our fish stringer with fish themed items we bought at the grocery store, including a side trip to McDonald's to add a McFish to the line.

Hopefully this will be the year I catch a real fish.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 6-30-2015

This is another resolution that failed due to me becoming a shut in. When I set this resolution I still had friends to potentially go fishing with but I have since screwed that up. Now I will have to wait until I find another fishing fan or figure out a way to get myself to a fishing hole.

Once I do this figuring I will let you know.