Result #156: Once again, I didn't miss a day of push-ups for 8 months then fell out of my routine when I moved.

#156: Add ten push ups to my daily routine.

Date: 6-5-2014

Due Date: 6-5-2015

Resolution: I've found that unlike the walking alphabet resolution, as long as I can do the exercise in the comfort of my own home I don't really have an issue with committing to my fitness decisions. That said, for the next year I'll add ten push ups to my daily routine.

And now a video of the above monkey working out.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 6-5-2015

I'm still trying to get back to a level of productivity and the drive that I had while living in Seattle. Granted I was probably more depressed my last year living there than I've ever been in my life but I think I was also more motivated to try to figure things out. Now I'm not as depressed but I think I feel more defeated.

Back when I set this resolution, I also had the earlier resolution to do ten ab wheels a day. I know this isn't a major workout routine but I was add fitness based goals as this experiment went on. Just like the ab wheel resolution I never skipped a day until my last couple days in Seattle. Then when I got home to San Diego, I lost my steam.

I'm still trying to get that steam back and part of the effort to do so is to do at least ten ab wheels and ten push-ups every day until the end of the year to redeem the past four months of failure.

As always, I'll keep you posted.