Result #188: Final record vs chess playing robot 45-138-15 which does not equal 365 which does equal failure.

#188: Play at least one game of chess a day as I attempt to figure it out.

Date: 7-7-2014

Due Date: 7-7-2015

Resolution: Being that Risk is one of my favorite games of all time, I often think that I can take my ability to strategize, apply it to Chess and quickly become a decent player. Then I sit down to play. Even though I know how all the pieces move, I've yet to move past the point of being a reactionary player.

I just don't know the game well enough to come up with a long term game plan.

In my 38 years of walking this planet I've probably played about ten games against humans and maybe thirty games against a computer. I don't even know if playing that few games even qualifies me as a beginner?

Further down the road I'll probably resolve to really study chess, but for now I resolve to just get comfortable with the game by playing it was some consistency. I'm going to start by playing the free Chess game that came with my computer, then when I feel comfortable move on to challenge humans via the computer and eventually take on some challengers in real life.

Maybe by then I'll know the game well enough to be able to create a winning strategy and not just properly move pieces thinking one move at a time.

Update #4: The Conclusion.

Date: 7-7-2015

This resolution is another case where I played a game of chess every day up until I packed up my computer to move. I never felt like I was making any improvements to my game so when the time came to get caught up I continued to put it off.

I kept putting my return to chess off to the point of failure with a record of 45-138-15.

I still plan to study up on chess and if I ever get to the point of finding it to be an enjoyable challenge I will get back to this game a day challenge and keep you posted.

Until then, click here if you are interested in following my road to failure