Result #235: Still only slightly ambidextrous... I failed to add to my powers :(

#235: Learn to be more ambidextrous.

Date: 8-23-2014

Due Date: 8-23-2015

Resolution: Part of me feels that I was supposed to be left handed. I have a theory that my early wrong handed training led me to become dyslexic.

To this day I don't instinctively know my right from my left. I have to grab at an invisible pencil to first figure out which way is right.  I've gotten pretty quick but there's still a process.

I also eat left handed, snowboard goofy footed, and can throw a ball with my left hand without looking like a spaz.

I used to know a lot more left handed tricks when I was younger. This was back when I was more into the anomaly and actually trained to do things with either hand.

When I discovered that I like to write both hands were getting enough action typing. I lost interest in their individuality. I also pretty much stopped doing anything that was worth experimenting with my hands abilities.

Now that this resolution experiment has me doing a lot more work with my hands my interest in testing what my left hand can do has returned.

So, I'm going back into training!!!

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 8-23-2015

Other than attempting to draw a couple pictures left handed, I failed to practice becoming full time ambidextrous. Unfortunately I didn't save the photos of said left handed drawing into the ambidextrous fold and my drawing has improved so much that I can't tell which old drawings are bad because they're old and which ones are bad because I drew them left handed.

Oh well...

I'm going to passively keep at it and if I make any major progress I will let you know.