Result #217: Between the Predator Penguins and How to Draw Books I have successfully drawn at least one picture a day.

#217: Draw at least one picture a day whether or not I'm taking any lessons.

Date: 8-5-2014

Due Date: 8-5-2015

Resolution: So I've found that I really enjoy drawing. It's still new to me so I'm going to need some more practice. I've also found that I'm real good at sticking to a daily routine when I turn it into a resolution. Therefore, I'm going to resolve to draw a picture a day for an entire year to guarantee I'll practice.

Update #1: Sock Monkey

Date: 8-6-2014

I started too big but decided to run with it.

Thanks Kylee Schmidt from the YouTube!

Update #2: The Impossible Triangle. 

Date: 8-7-2014

Update #3: Predator 

Date: 8-8-2014

I was afraid this one was going to be too complex. It's not perfect, but I'm always surprised by the outcome of these how to's.

Thanks WayneTully1 from the YouTube!

Update #4: Baby Penguin 

Date: 8-9-2014

Update #5: Fire Breathing Horse part #1

Date: 8-10-2014

I owe a friend a painting of a fire breathing robot horse so I figured I better start practicing.

It looks like I'm going to need it.

Update #6: Predator Penguin part #1 

Date: 8-11-2014

Oops drew the helmet too big to fit the entire body.

Maybe next time!!!

Update #7: Predator Penguin part #2 

Date: 8-12-2014

Getting closer!!!

I think once I perfect the Predator Penguin I'll use it to learn screen print for Resolution #206!

Update #8: Penguin minus Predator 

Date: 8-12-2014

I torn as to whether I want the body or the Predator Penguin to be cartoony of realistic? Either way I'm adding the bow tie!

Update #9: Predator Penguin part #3 

Date: 8-14-2014

Update #10: Robocop 

Date: 8-15-2014

Update #11: DodoCop

Update #12: DodoCop #2

Update #13: Girl With Shit in Her Hair

Update #14: The Controller

Update #15: Rando

Update #16: Rando Buildo

Update #17: Astronaut

Update #18: Sock Monkey in the Rain

Update #19: Shape Wrestler Robot

Update #20: Coconut Monkey

Update #21: Sad Mannequin

Update #22: Brace Yourself Boys

Update #23: Lugnut

Update #24: The Reunion


Update #25: 40oz Flower

Update #26: Fancy Penguin

Update #27: Heaven and Hell

Update #28: It Got Weird

Update #29: The Conclusion/In Case of Emergency

I've said it before and I'll say it again, learning to draw has made this entire experiment worth the world to me.