Result #221: Someday I'll be a book learned kung-fu fighter but as for now, I failed.

#221: Learn self-defense using nothing but text books then test my skills by sparing in a real dojo.

Date: 8-9-2014

Due Date: 8-9-2015

Resolution: I've never been much of a fighter. As a big guy I've never had many people try to start trouble with me. I've been sized up by several small Napoleon Complex guys but I've always seen this as a no win situation.

The best case scenario is that I beat up a little guy. The worst case, I get beat up by a borderline dwarf.
Because of this I never really learned to fight.

I'm perfectly fine with my passive ways, but my lack of experience makes me the perfect guinea pig for this experiment.

For the next year I'll be working on a text based martial arts training regimen.

One year from today I will spar with a fully trained opponent to test what I've learned.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 8-9-2015

As fun as this experiment sounded to me I never got around to buying the book. I still want to try this some day maybe when I feel my sense of humor has returned. I'm having a hard time giving this project my all because I don't find life to be as fun any more and you have to be in a goofy mood to go through the steps of karate using a book as a reference. 

Maybe someday I'll get back in the game and when I do, I'll let you know.