Result #254: I decided to put off building my own furniture until I get a better idea of what I'll permanently call home.

#254: Build at least one piece of furniture for my apartment makeover.

Date: 9-11-2014

Due Date: 9-11-2015

Resolution: Granted I have yet to start this apartment makeover I speak of. It'll eventually come up in the rotation of resolutions to work on and when it does, I plan to make at least one piece of DIY furniture.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 9-11-2015


At the time I set this resolution to build a piece of furniture for my apartment, I had not idea that moving was in my near future. I was going through a rough patch in life but was still under the impression that I would just ride it out like usual.

Then life became too much about my day job and I was losing most of my friends to adulthood and normalcy. I spent weeks at a time without any non-work human interaction which sent me down a dark path. The less I saw people, the less I wanted to see them. Truth be told, the less I saw people, the less I wanted anyone to see me.

I was delving deeper and deeper into my fictional world of writing and was getting pretty weird. I weirdness that led to so very interesting work, but a weirdness that needed some balance to keep me grounded and safe.

I lost my footing in Seattle and had to leave.

Now I'm living back home in San Diego. I have my family to keep me sane but I lost a lot of the passion that came with the insanity.

Now I'm just trying to find some sort of balance which is going to take some time.

I loved my loved my apartment and found it to be a home. I love my new space but it doesn't have a sense of permanence because I can't live at home forever, even though I don't really mind being here but also dream of the day that I will have a place that is truly mine.

I hope to someday own a plot of land and a tiny house in the middle of nowhere to attempt to live a simpler life where I can focus on creating without the social stresses of living in a big city.

Maybe if I ever get around to fulfilling this dream I will also get around to building a piece of furniture for my new abode.

As always, if I can pull this off I will keep you posted.