Result #255: I successfully storyboarded several pages and actually drew the first page but I failed to find the time to complete my Utility Sketchbook.

#255: Fill this 288 page Utility Sketchbook with non-Predator Penguin images to create a story.

Date: 9-12-2014

Due Date: 9-12-2015

The Resolution: Though I do enjoy drawing Predator Penguin every day as a way to gauge my progress, I need an excuse to branch out to broaden my abilities.

I have no plans to turning this Utility Sketchbook into a graphic novel. I aim to create more of a picture book that creates a story through common themes, shared imagery and non-linear connections to prior and future pages.

I'm not fully sure how this is going to work out but it's going to be a fun challenge.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 9-12-2015

Even though I've had my share of failures lately, this whole resolution experiment will be worth it no matter what because of my new found love of drawing.

At the time I set this resolution to fill and entire utility sketchbook with images I had an idea for almost a silent film of a graphic novel. A surreal stream of conscious that I wish I would have spent more time on.

I storyboarded a couple pages but when I sat down and drew out the first page, I felt that I needed more training before I continued. I have since taken a few art classes and completed a couple how to books but still need a little work on my character drawing in order to create something that I could be proud of.

I will take the classes and read the books needed to get me where I want to be and when I do I will create this book and when I do I will share it with you.

Until then I will try to remember what the hell I was trying to accomplish with these story board panels that I started.

Here's what I think I was trying to say:

  • So it starts with a heart in a "Break In Case of Emergency" box.
  • Our hero notices the box.
  • He then breaks the glass and takes the heart.
  • He then rushes to the emergency.
  • We can see that the world is at war outside his window.
  • Everyone is fighting.
  • Our hero opens the window and stops the violence by showing the crowd this symbol of love.
  • He then throws the heart out over the crowd.
  • It appears to be floating over the cheering crowd who have stopped fighting.
  • It turns out it's not float, it's falling and someone tries to catch it.
  • Squeezing the slimy heard causes it to launch out of the mans hand and up toward the sky.
  • The heart flies higher and high.
  • The heart flies out past the Earth atmosphere.
  • The heart continues on to the moon.
  • The people silently watch and the heart is drawn in toward the moon.
  • We see the reflection in someones eye as the heart merges with the moon.
  • The owner of the eye is teared up with emotions.
  • The heart fully merges with the moon for all to see.
  • Another member of the crowd cries from the beauty.
  • The world watches the new heart moon in ah.
  • The merge between the heart and the moon is complete.
  • One member of the crowd literally cries his eyes out at the beauty.
  • A comet approaches heading straight toward the new heart moon.
  • The comet collides with the heart moon.
  • The Earthling watch the collision.
  • They then cheer at the amazing display of an explosion caused by the collision.
  • The man that threw out the heart falls to the ground in defeat.
  • The crowd cheers at the meteor show caused by the exploding moon.
  • With the distraction over they go back to fighting and a nuclear bomb is dropped.
  • The bomb explodes.
  • The earth explodes.
  • Our hero who threw out the heart is save as the floor beneath him is launched out into space.
  • He floats past Mars.
  • He floats out of the solar system.
  • He floats out of the Milky Way.
  • He floats out of the universe.
  • The universe reflects into our hero's eye.
  • He stands and takes in his new surrounding in the middle of the universe.
  • He drops to his knees and cries.
  • The tear drops through the sky.
  • The tear hits the ground and starts to for a tiny river.

I'm not quite sure where I was going from there but I can't wait to find out where the stream of conscious leads me when I do get back to work on this one.