Result #264: I failed to enter the official contest so I'm going to have to do 30 painting in 30 days on my own time.

#264: Enter this year's 30 Day Art Challenge.

Date: 9-21-2014

Due Date: 9-21-2015

The Resolution: While researching ideas for today's resolution I stumbled across this 30 Day Art Challenge. All I read was it’s a challenge to create 30 pieces in 30 days.

At first I thought this was some sort of challenge that you do on your own time and the prizes was a sense of accomplishment.

As I read on I found that this was an actual competition complete with a start date a due date and an entry fee. When I saw that there was a pick up and drop off location I got a little bummed until I saw the address.

It's right here in Seattle!!!

Even though I'm still very amateur in my artistic endeavors, I'm up for the challenge. 

It'll be nice to have 30 more paintings to add to my portfolio.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 9-21-2015

It's too bad my timing is a little off for this one. First I missed the actual contest. I've gotten over that. At the time I set this resolution I was just starting to learn to draw and had yet to take any painting lessons.

Now that I'm getting better at drawing and learning to paint I think I have it in me to average a painting a day for a month. If only I would have thought of this resolution a couple months ago when I did a painting a day for a little over a week. At that time I was totally in the frame of mind needed to do something like this.

I do need to get back into painting though. N

ext time I can afford 30 canvas boards and some paint I will give it a shot and keep you posted.