Result #269: Wow! I thought I just failed to buy a quill, I totally forgot just how involved this resolution was.

#269: Write a story in a leather bound journal, by candle light, using a quill, writing in cursive.


Date 9-26-2014

Due Date: 9-26-2015

The Resolution: I have many resolutions that involve writing stories but haven't really had the time to work on any of them. I'm not all that concerned about it because I'm almost more comfortable writing with a tight deadline.

That said, I want to get started on a fiction project but it's hard to get into that fiction writing head space after spending all day working at the computer. I would try to write with a typewriter but that's too close to the computer keyboard.

That's why I'm going way back to the quill and candle light.

I feel the novelty of this experiment mixed with the relaxing atmosphere will act more like a break than a chore.

The only potential issue is I'm not sure if I still know cursive.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 9-26-2015

Due to the combination of the passing of time and my very brief summaries in my The Daily Breaker breakdown of things to do, I totally forgot all that was involved with this resolution. My summary for my next step is "269. Buy Quill and other supplies." 

For some reason I had it in my mind that I all I needed to do was buy the quill write something as simple as the alphabet and call it good. Though that is a very achievable goal I don't think it was exciting enough to put on the top of my list of things to do, especially with my current financial situation.

If I would have only remembered that there was a whole going back in time aspect to this task I might have made this a mush higher priority. The idea of shutting down everything to do some handwriting at night by candle light seems like it could be a very relaxing hobby.

I'm saving most of these failures to revisit in my up coming bucket list challenge but now that I've been reminded of the full details of this task, I might buy supplies sooner rather than later because I think I could use this as an almost meditative end to the day.

As always, I'll keep you posted on my progress.