Result #357: My printer broke way back when I moved so I failed to print my ramblings.

#357: Print out a hard copy of all of my ramblings.

Date: 12-23-2014

Due Date: 12-23-2015

The Resolution: I have all my writing backed up in several locations on several devices. For the most part I feel pretty safe that I’m not going to lose anything. The only problem is that all these safety nets only exist digitally.

I have over seventeen years of prolific ramblings saved in these multiple locations. Not that I think it’s going to happen but sometimes I’m struck with worse case scenarios of a digital collapse leading me to question just how safe these backups are.

Also I often find material that I've forgotten all about due to the maze of folders in which my musings are stored.

Not only will I feel more safe having hard copies of all my work but it'll be nice to actually see what all this effort looks like in a physical form.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 12-23-2015

I actually started to print hard copies of all my written work before I set this resolution. I gave out all those copies when I decided to move because I didn't want to pay to ship a giant box of paper that I could just reprint later on. At least that was the plan until my printer arrived and I found that I didn't pack it properly and it no longer works.

Laser printers are pretty cheap these days so I plan to replace mine somewhat soon. When I do I will get back to printing all of my master pieces so I can stare at stacks of paper to remind me just how much effort I put into this miserable life.

As always I'll let you know what I get to it.