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One Shut-In's Effort To Reach Out To The World!!!

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What To Expect From This Site:

TheWickerBreaker.com was born on New Year’s Day 2013 as an effort to hone my writing skills while challenging the old adage that it takes ten years to create an overnight success. The fact that I more than double this suggested time frame to test these same exact words when I attempted to make it as a screenwriter, only to fail, meant that it was due time for me to mix things up and give other literary mediums a shot. It didn’t take long for me to commit to using my love of long-term challenges to practice how to paint with my words in a non-script format.

As I type these words, it’s been nearly six years since I started, and finally feel that I’m starting to find my non-screenwriting writer’s voices. I’m now in a headspace where I’m confident enough in both my concepts and content quality to actively begin to promote my work and turn this blog from a hobby into a legitimate job. Please excuse the mess as I go through and clean my older content. I’ve been posting multiple times every day since I started, so there is a lot of old stuff to get to, on top of my already busy schedule to keep up with the latest content.

I still have four years left to figure this out and would love to have you join in on the fun.


Who Am I:

This has become a tough question to answer over the years. It used to be so clear back when my only ambition was to write my movie scripts. I was born a painfully shy, boring kid named Matt. I then found a love for stand-up comedy which led me to barrel through life while collect stories and jokes by living out a party animal’s existence which introduced Bunker to the world.

Bunker’s my last name, but it became my nickname because it was a better fit for the extroverted mask that this character of myself came with. After decades of throwing myself into as many crazy situations as I could, my degenerate life caught up to me which lead to a mid-life meltdown.

Now I am The Wicker Breaker. Though this is just a new mask, at least the genuine me, the introvert is the one behind the wheel, steering this meat ship as I continue to find myself. I hope you have fun if you decide to follow me on this journey, maybe you to can discover something new about yourself.

The Plan For The Next Four Years:

  • Start Operation Fish Merger and The Abode Boss to kick off 2019.

  • Continue to tidy up old typos and reformat old pages until the entirety of TheWickerBreaker.com is as clean as can be.

  • Actively market my efforts for the first time in my life.

  • Earn enough to replace my part-time job strictly through my writing within the next year.

  • Find some form of mentor / writing coach / editor / assistant / sounding board as someone outside of myself to brainstorm with.

  • Make the final draft edits of each challenge available as pay-what-you-want eBook content that’s easier to navigate once each challenge is complete.

  • Continue having fun with my challenges until the four years run out, to continue to hone my craft.

  • And by the end, earn a full-time minimum-wage income passively, meaning the business side of the site is run itself so that I can focus on writing, not passive as if I’m done.

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Most Recent Activity:


What’s Been Happening Up To This Point:

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Dreams For After Four Years:

  • Continue to complete challenges for this blog.

  • Adapt all twenty-five-plus of my feature-length scripts into an epic intertwined collection of novels that all add up and even connect to this site as one lifelong masterpiece or die trying.

  • Basically, get to the point where I can afford to be a digital introvert as well with this website being my digital home and living out an introvert’s in a cozy abode.


How You Can Help:

  • If you know Outsiders, INFPs, Pisces, or any other form of Space Cadet who might get a kick out of this content please send it their way, even if you think the site is not specifically for you.

  • Feel free to contact me with any reoccurring writing mistake that drives you nuts. Please be nice in doing so since the entire reason this site was created in the first place was to publicly hone my writing skills and don’t claim to be an expert.

  • I never want to run a fundraiser again so donate if you want, but I hope to make my income through advertising and selling physical and digital content through a pay-what-you-want system.

  • If an ad interest you, go ahead and give it a click. At the moment, I still have a few generic Google Ads, but I’m in the process of curating ads for products I either use and love or would love to try out sometime and not just sharing whatever in the hopes to earn a dime.

  • If you are shopping with Amazon, shop through one of the Amazon links at the bottom of any My Saturday Night Life page. Though I get a higher percentage from the clicked item if you buy but using the link, in general, will allow me to earn a small percentage from whatever you decide to but.

  • Take what you find to be positive, learn from the negative, find beauty in the mundane, but mainly just sit back and enjoy this experiment!!!