Result #361: I failed to incorporate because I failed to see a reason why... hopefully that will change by the end of next year!!!

#361: Incorporate and create business cards and swag.

Date: 12-27-2014

Due Date: 12-27-2015

The Resolution: I'm not even fully sure what the benefits of getting incorporated actually are. I just think it will be a nice step for me to take myself and my work more seriously. I don't know for sure but I also think it may help my chances of getting an intern.

Mainly I just want new business cards!

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 12-27-2015


When I set this resolution I was more interested in obtaining an LLC so I can have a piece of paper to hang on the wall over actually feeling that I needed to incorporate. I'm not even fully sure what I would gain from having an LLC as far as this site goes.

Now that I'm actually learning to develop web sites I'm hoping to start a site that works as an actual business and not just an online journal like this site here. If I do end up developing anything worth incorporating I'll be sure to let you know.