Result #37: I really hope that I can figure this one out to at least be on the right track by the end of the year, until then it's another failure.

#37 Get down to an appropriate BMI for me.

Date: 2-6-2014

Due Date: 2-6-2015

Resolution:  About five years ago I lost a lot of weight when my car broke down and I started riding a bike to work every day. It felt good to be smaller, but I was only exercising out of necessity. Once I got my car back I pretty much gave up on the bike.

That said I did keep the weight off for a good two or three years until whatever that trigger that's in me flipped leading me to not care anymore. I guess I figured my life would be better if I looked better, only to find that I still have to deal with the same problems in my head. I started to slowly put the weight back on and the next thing you know here we are.

I weighed myself the other day to see if this bucket-o-food diet would do anything. I was shocked to find that I managed to put more of the weight back on than I originally thought. 

I was initially going to set a goal to get my weight down to the target BMI that’s recommended for my height of 6 foot 4 inches. They say I should be down to about 205lbs.

This is me at about 255lbs:

Granted I'm not skinny in this photo but I was happy with this size. Yet according to the BMI I'm not overweight here, I'm still obese. I'd like to get down to around the 225-235lbs range which is would still be considered overweight but I'm fine with that.

I know by adding this goal as a resolution that I will be able to make this happen.

My plan for sharing: I'll add a new photo every time I get ten pounds closer to my goal.

Note: I will be experimenting with fad diets and magic pills. I will not be experimenting with these fad diets and magic pills because false hope. I'll be experimenting with a lot of things to keep this blog and my life interesting.

If I do choose a diet plan that you disagree with feel free to share your thoughts about it. I know many people have strong opinions about diet and I know diet and exercise. Please don't call me stupid or gullible or try and talk me out of anything just because you disagree with my choice or think it's waste of time.   

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 2-10-2015

Not only am I bummed that I failed to reach an appropriate BMI for myself this year, I'm also bummed that I can't seem to take off the weight as easily as I used to.

My weight has always been on around a 100 lb. swing. I hit my peak weight then feel disgusted with myself to then drop the weight quickly through stunt diets and exercise. After I take the weight off I give up on both diet and exercise only to deny the weight is returning. Then the depression kicks in and I give up.

This year I rapidly went through that cycle over and over again, only the weight I lost during my attempts to fulfill some resolution didn’t end up being as much as I was expecting and it seemed a lot easier to put back on.

It didn't help that other than The Wicker Breaker blog this has been the most depressing year of my life. It's been hard to be enthusiastic about anything let muster the energy to workout.

Now that back home and living with people I won't be able to isolate myself as much as I did when I was living alone. I've only been home a week but I can already see the difference with have people in my life again.

Not only do I feel my moral returning but I have a living space that is more conducive to working out without leaving the house. I live in a garage that's been converted to a studio type space with no downstairs neighbors. I can jump around like a crazy person without bothering a soul.

I also have an elliptical in my room. I used to love the elliptical when I went to the gym but I couldn't stand the gym environment. Too much upselling and as an agoraphob I never felt comfortable just being there in general.

Not only do I have the space to work out, I have time (at least for now) and I have a sister who lives here who is in school to be a nutritionist. I get to be her guinea pig whether she likes it or not!!!

Though this phase was a failure I am confident that I will be much healthier by the time the clock strikes midnight sending us into 2016.