Result #33: Though I have gained an appreciation for Classical Music I didn't do it in the way I set out to, but I'm going to consider it a success anyway.

#33: Gain an appreciation for Classical Music.

Date: 2-2-2014

Due date: 2-2-2015

Resolution: I guess I already appreciate classical music, but I want to get to a point where I hear a song and think "Oh, that's 'that song,' composed by 'that guy'," instead of what I currently think when I hear a song that I recognize, "Oh, that's that song from that movie." Then I go on to beat box what else I know of the song.

Back story: I chose this resolution because I can't stand silence. The other day when I sat down to read as part of Resolution #27 I couldn't stand how quiet it was, so turned on some music to fill the silence. I chose a relaxing genre of music but there was vocals and I found that kind of distracting, but powered through for the entire 30 minutes.

 As I pointed out in the reading resolution, other than screenplays, I'm not used to reading fiction, most books I read are How To books and I'm usually working on what I'm trying to learn as I read, so it doesn't really bother me if there are lyrics or not and for whatever reason any form of music seems works as a soundtrack when reading screenplays, but these lyrics were getting in the way of my reading of prose.

The next day I found a album with 100 classical songs that I downloaded years ago when I was experimenting with different genres of music to write to. I put this collection of songs on random and listened as I read. I found this to be a very relaxing combination.

First knitting now this. I think I'm getting old.

As I listened I thought to myself, "You know the only two classical songs I can confidently match the title with the piece are The Flight of the Bumblebee and Enter the Gladiators and I have no idea who composed either or these songs. I only know them because I reference them when making jokes about what's going on in crazy people's heads."

So I decided I want to change this.

How this will work: Below it the list of the 100 songs on my playlist.

At the end of the year I will have someone quiz me by playing a clip from each song until I can name the song and the composer then gauge my success based on the percentage of answers I got correct.

90% to 100% = Success!!!

80% to 89% = Success *

70% to 79% = Success**

60% to 69% = Success***

59% and below = Failed 

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date 2-7-2015

I've been listening to Classical Music every day for the past year as background music while I read. I've grown to appreciate it and now know many songs by name.

That said, as much as I appreciate these songs, I realized early on that there is no way that I would ever be able to name all 100 songs and composers. I don't think I could accurately name the title and bands of my own top 100 favorite songs of all time. Unless the title is in the chorus I'm completely lost. Being that Classical Music is mainly instrumental or sung in a foreign language I knew that I didn't stand a chance.

I did attempt to come up with a mnemonic for each song in an attempt to learn the title and composer. Between that and my daily listening and enjoyment of Classical Music I'm going to consider this a success.

To solidify this success I will share with you my mnemonics.

Here they are:

  1. "Requiem" for a "Mozart"
  2. How "Matthaus Passion" Got his Groove "Bach."
  3. "Beethoven" loves Mambo... I mean "Piano Conserto Number 5."
  4. The "Wolfgang" were surprised to find that they actually enjoyed the "Klairinetten" (think Kitten Clarinet hybrid) "Konzert"
  5. Livin' La "Vivalidi" "Le Quattro Stagioni" Loco!
  6. "Johann Pachelbel" used a "Kanon" to shoot his "in D" film.
  7. How "Matthaus Passion" Got His Groove "Bach" II: Electric Boogaloo.
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you "Antonin Dvorak" and his "New World" Order "Symphony"!!!
  9. Oh no "Rachmaninoff" made a "Piano Concerto 2" (think too.)
  10. The "Albinoni" (think mini albino) and his amigo "Adagio" are the worst candidates "in" town to become "sol minore"'s
  11. Matthaus Passion by Bach is on the playlist is yet another. I don't even need the mnemonic for this one anymore.
  12. "Friederich" Nietzsche can't "Handel" the "Messiah."
  13. I wish this "Symphony" wasn't written by "Beethoven" so I could reference the movie "7" and say what's in the Bachs.
  14. Every morning "Grieg" would "Peer" out of the "Gynt Sweet No. 1" to witness nature come to life as his song played.
  15. Not only is Johnny 5 still alive so I "Mahler's" "Symphony No. 5."
  16. How original "Beethoven?" "Symphony No. 9" is the best you could come up with?
  17. Thinking "Bach" to "Jesus" you might "Bleibet" but "Meine" opinion is that it's a "Freude"
  18. The "Barber" confused "Adagio"'s hair "For Strings"
  19. When they went to the symphony the found they were actually seated in some amazing "Bach" seats located in  "Orchestral Suite 3."
  20. I knew this was impossible but a small part of me was hoping "Mozart" would be covering Die Antwoord when I saw "Die Zauberflöte."
  21. At first I was disappointed that "Carmina's" "O Fortuna" didn't fit into a Futurama reference, but then I realized it's my favorite Booey cover.
  22. I don't need any special word play to remember "Caccini's" "Ave Maria."
  23. Oh "Mozart" "Ave VeRUM" you "Corpus" Dorkus.
  24. I used to be "Bedrich" but I spent "Ma Vlast" cent on these sheets.
  25. I don't need a mnemonic for "Swan Lake" by "Tchaikovsky."
  26. "Bach" in the day before Der Wienerschnitzel there was the ever popular Der "Weihnachtsoratorium"
  27. Hey "Bizet?" How about a little "Les Pecheurs De Perles," and a little more cowbell?
  28. Have you tried the new "Verdi" snack packs by "Nabucco?"
  29. The song "Bolero" seems to un-"Ravel" to become rather intense.
  30. The racer "Faure" "Cantique De Jean" mustard before "Racine"
  31. There's a Mexican Restaurant in the "Bach" called "Toccata E Fuga."
  32. When "Delibes" and "Lakme" teamed up they became better known as "Duo Des Fleurs!"
  33. I don't need a mnemonic for "Gounod's" "Ave Maria"
  34. "Amadeus Mozart" and "Eine Kleine" danced until dawn to the "Nachtmusik"
  35. Before belting out a tune "Beethoven" would often yell, This is "Fur Elise!"
  36. Just before pulling off his Fatality "Mozart" yelled "Die Zauberflote!"
  37. While living in the music combo, "Bach" lived in "Orchestersuite No 2."
  38. I went to the "Max Christian" "ViolinKonzert" it was #1!!!
  39. And once again "Requiem" for a "Mozart"
  40. These new "Aida"s cost a "Fortunino"
  41. "Gionvanni" decided to take a "Stabat" sex and turned out to be a good "Mater."
  42. Yet another uninspired song title by "Beethoven" "Symphony No. 6"
  43. How to "Handel" a "Messiah, For Unto Us A Child Is Born" and now we have to deal with it.
  44. "Gershwin" was color blind and hence saw "Rhapsody in Blue."
  45. You know it's a sad day when "Saint-Saens" does the "Danse Macabre."
  46. "Wolfgang" rushed to get out his save "Laudate" for "Dominum" invites.
  47. "Georg Friederich" often wondered why he loved her, it turns out it "Wassermusik."
  48. I went with "Ludwig" to the "Piano Concerto No. 5" to meet up with Rondo. 
  49. Vivaldi asked to borrow "Le Quattro" to buy some "Stagioni" and meatballs.
  50. Again "Beethoven" was very boring with his titles "Symphony No. 5" at least the music's inspired.
  51. "Chopin" is just as boring with his titles (IE "Concerto Pour Piano No. 1.")
  52. "Gabrial" left his "Urbain" setting to travel "Faur" for some "Pie Jesu."
  53. "Pokofiev" lived right below "Romeo and Juliet" in "Suite No. 2."
  54.  Et tu "Mozart" with the boring titles, "Symphony No. 40."
  55. Et three "Rachmaninoff" with "Piano Concerto No. 2."
  56. We went "Bach" to court when "Jesu" the mechanic after his car blew "Der Du Maine Seele."
  57. I'll take a "Dvořák" with a side of Rusalka.
  58. Apparently there were no spaces in the past, hence the name Mondscheinsonate.
  59. I thought I was a miser but "Allegri" is "Miserere."
  60. When "Mozart" "Dies, Irae" cries.
  61. Who knew someone with the name "Tchaikovsky" would have the easiest song title so far with "Waltz of the Flower."
  62. I had a "Bellini" with "Norma" and the "Casta Diva."
  63. According to "Mozart" the more you "Exsultate" the more you "Jubilate."
  64. Turns out there was no song 64 on this playlist.
  65. See song #51, ditto "Chopin's" sequel "Concerto Pour Piano No. 2"
  66. "Aafje" offers a "Heynis" but "Dank" cush called "Sei Dir, Herr."
  67. I need to get a "Massenet" hammock to practice "Thais Meditation."
  68. So reboots and sequels were always a part of life as seen by "Mozart's" "Piano Concerto No. 21."
  69. Before heading "Bach" we went to Red Robbin where I ordered a "Brandenburgisches" then we returned to the "Konzert Nr. 1."
  70. "Mozart" was apparently friends with "Kyrie Eleison."
  71. I ordered my pasta "Verdi" with extra "Rigoletto."
  72. "Tchaikovsky" "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" is another song that I don't really need a reminder for.
  73. I went "Bach" to "Largo" to see the improv act of "Ma Non Tanto" minus the Lone Ranger.
  74. They say I can't "Handel" my "Serse."
  75. We went to "Bizet" where "Carmen" was overwhelmed by the spice of the "Habanera."
  76. Apparently when "Tchaikovsky" branches out from The Nutcracker he gets boring with his song titles like "Piano Concerto No. 1"
  77. "Puccini" was a magician that can "Turandot" into a freckle.
  78. "Paganini" joins the list of boring song titles with "Concerto Pour Violon No. 1"
  79. It turns out you don't have to travel "Faure" to find yourself "In Paradisum"
  80. I went with "Vindre" to the "Concierto" on the "De Aranjuez" lost his innocence.
  81. "Mascagni" cslled in the "Cavalleria" but theended up doing nothing more than shooting a ""Rusticana" cola they found in the dirt.
  82. "Mozart" only had one person he wished would "Die" and that person was "Zauberflote."
  83. "Bach" told me to "Wachet" or I'd set "Auf" the man leading to "Ruft Uns" reaction and may lead to someone to "Die" at some "Stimme."
  84. "Veridi" I wonder if "La Traviata" have done what he did.
  85. When I find myself in a "Gluck" I do the "Dance of the Blessed Spirit."
  86. Another "Mozart" "Konzert" this one is "Fur Flote, Harfe Und Orchester."
  87. It turns out "Morricone" was the original Fievel in "Once Upon a Time in the West."
  88. It's an improvement but "Mozart" is still just naming the concert and not the song with Klavierkonzert.
  89. I can't "Handel" "Solomon."
  90. Due to a typo "Mozart" lost a money making opportunity when he bought the "Domine, Jesu Christe." so close but so far.
  91. Miss "Strauss" "An Der Schonen" saw "Blauen" and not grey on "Donau" hues head.
  92. "Mozart" "KlarinettenKonzert" yet again.
  93. "Sibulius" always dreamed of "Finlandia."
  94. "Mozart" was a "Kronungmesse."
  95. I "Satie" in the auditorium to watch the "Gymnopedie" perform their "No. 1" routine.
  96. "Mozart" has "Le Nozze" of a man who want's to "Di" his last words "Figaro."
  97. Who is "Khachaturian" to yell about "Spartacus?"
  98. "Bruch" chiming in with a boring song title with "ViolinKonzert Nr. 1"
  99. And one more boring "Mozart" title Klavierkonzert
  100. And finally, "Franck" played with his "Panis" until he got "Angelicus."