Result #72: I was all set for a success then the Monkey Dart Game had a major update leading me to have to start over. I'm still considering is a success though.

#72: Unlock everything in the Monkeys Throwing Darts at Balloons Game.

Date: 3-13-2014

Due Date: 3-13-2014

Resolution: Other than Mike Tyson's Punch Out, my favorite video game in the world is Bloons Tower Defense 5. In the game there are multiple levels each with a specialized maze. When you hit play a torrent of balloons are released that follow the path of the maze. It's your mission to set up dart throwing monkeys along the side of the maze to pop all the balloons before they can make it to the end.

You can play this game for free here, but I like the game so much that I bought the full version and have been obsessed with beating every level and unlocking every achievement. I came close a while ago, but there was an update with ten new levels and several new challenges.

Within the year I will conquer these new challenges and stay caught up with every update that the company releases.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 3-13-2015

As I said in the initial resolution, Bloons Tower Defense 5 is one of my favorite game. The people at Ninja Kiwi came up with an update right around this time last year which lead me to vow to stay caught up as new versions are released.

In the past when there was an update it meant there was a few new monkeys to unlock and upgrade along with a handful of new levels. Usually it would take me about a month or two to get caught up so I thought this was a truly feasible goal.

Then about two or three months ago Ninja Kiwi teamed up with Steam and released a brand new mega upgrade. Not only are there a lot more levels but since the platform changed I had to start over from scratch.

As fun as the game is, it's hard to get into it unless there are items to unlock so I was pleased as punch not only to have a reason to start over but to have a ton more content to play with. My only problem is they made this upgrade so close to this resolution's deadline that it made it impossible to unlock all the items by the due date, which happens to be today.

I'm going to consider this resolution a success for two reason. 1) I am 100% caught up on with the non-Steam version of the game and 2) I know I'm going to play the new version of the game until I unlock all of it's content by the end of the year.

Success or fail I'm just happy to play a game where the object is to have monkeys throw darts at torrents of balloons.