Result #106: Thought I succeeded at the Hollywood Cookie Diet I failed to complete the Hollywood Detox Body Wrap.

#106: Experiment with the Hollywood Detox Body Wrap.

Date: 4-16-2014

Due Date: 4-16-2015

Resolution: So this year it looks like along with the Hollywood Cookie Diet and the Kinoki Foot Detox, I'll also be combining the two in a way, and no I won't be taping cookies to my feet. At some point in the year I will experiment with the Hollywood Detox Body Wrap.

I'll probably wait until I'm a little smaller so I don't have to buy two, but who knows maybe I'll goof up the order and buy ten like I did with the foot pads.

As always, I'll keep you posted!

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 4-16-2015

In case you forgot the theme for this month was April Fool's. It turns out that the experiments themselves were less foolish than my ambitious hopes that I could afford to do them all.

Oh well.

As I said in past post this list of resolutions is evolving to be more of an on going bucket list than things to complete this year. That said, I'm still giving it my all.

I'll let you know when I finally get to this one.