Result #172: Though I didn't actually do this once a month I'm going to consider this resolution to be a success and continue doing it sporadically to gauge my progress as an artist.

#172: Sketch this image of Mr. Belevedere in drag once a month in an attempt to learn to draw.

Date: 6-21-2014

Due Date: 6-21-2014

Resolution: I've always wished that was better at drawing. I feel it would make me a better painter, animator, and graphic designer. Keep in mind I'm a beginner at best in all three of these hobbies, but who know?

If I didn't feel like such a hack, having to resort to repurposing images found on the internet to make up for my shortcomings, maybe I would spend more time trying to express the visual side of my imagination to then share the end product with all of you out there.

My problem is that I don't practice.

Being that this ability to draw is only a fantasy, my lack in skills need doesn't come into play until I have a specific project in mind. I then do the best that I can and usually come up with something cute for someone who has no idea that they are doing.

Unlike writing, where I spend as much time possible trying to hone my skills, I never pick up a pencil and sketch pad just to practice.

In an attempt to become better than good enough while also being able to gauge my progress I will be sketch a portrait of the above image of Mr. Belevedere in drag once a month for an entire year to see and showcase my growth as an artist.

Update #1: Baseline Broctune. 

Date: 7-2-2014

Alright, I've got some work ahead of me.

Tomorrow I begin to learn how to draw.

We'll see next month.

Update #2: Getting a little better at drawing Broctune.

Date: 9-3-2014

Update #3: I drew this a while back for class but forgot to share. 

Date: 4-22-2015

Update #4: If I could combine this one and the last on I think it would be perfect.

Date: 6-21-2015

Update #5: The Conclusion.

Date: 6-21-2015

So I haven't mastered the art of sketching portraits quite yet but I feel I am making pretty good progress. I also think that if I were to combined aspects of each of these portraits I'd have the perfect sketch of Mr. Belvedere in drag.

Though I didn't do a sketch a month as promised, I'm going to consider this a success with the promise that I will retry from time to time and share my progress as an artist.

Who knows, this may end up being a subject for an eventual velvet painting!