Result #178: Holy Crap! I thought I only did this for a month, I forgot it was actually 144 days that I successfully gauged my mood with Fortune Telling Fish.

#178: Use a fresh fortune telling fish to track my emotions daily for 144 day straight.

Date: 6-27-2014

Due Date: 6-28-2015

Resolution: If you know me in any way you probably have zero questions as to why I'm intrigued by this novelty fish based mood tracking.  However, you may be asking why 144 days? And why a daily fresh fortune fish?

Well, I went to the Amazon to place my order and found that I could buy one big fortune fish for five dollars or I could buy 144 regular sized fortune fishes for eight bucks. Plus using a fresh fish a day will rule out any possible false reads from a potentially defective singular giant fortune fish.

This is scientific after all.

Update #145: The Conclusion.

Date:  6-27-2015


Wow, It's been a long time since I completed this resolution. I remember it seemed to go on forever and hating it toward the end. I remember struggling every day to come up with at least one sentence to explain the Fortune Telling Fish's prediction, but I forgot that this nonsense went on for 144 days without a break.

I'm glad it over and happy to report that it was a success!