Result #186: Though I've come up with many ideas, I've fails to make even one fancy pizza from scratch.

#186: I won't eat pizza at home often but when I do I'll make it from scratch.

Date: 7-5-2014

Due Date: 7-5-2015

Resolution: I really like pizza. I wish I could eat it more but I know if I buy a entire pizza I'll eat an entire pizza. I do buy a boring frozen pizza about twice a month to graze on throughout the evening but even then I try to track down a thin crust pizza with the lowest calorie count because I know I will not be leaving leftovers.

I NEVER order pizza unless I have guest and when I do I like to track down the craziest combo available because I'm a bit of an adventurous eater. I love the conversation that usually starts the moment the order has made.

"Could you imagine a pizza with...?"

This will be the year that I start to explore the "..." by making at least one fantasy pizza a month at home from scratch. 

Now when I say from scratch I will allow pre-made dough or crust but, for the most part, I plan to make the dough from scratch as well. I'm just as interested in experimenting with dough recipes as I'm interested in experimenting with topping combinations.

Brace yourself for some bizarre foods with melting cheese on top.

I might have to buy a new lab coat and a set of beakers for this one. 

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 7-5-2015


It's probably a good thing that I didn't end up committing to this one. Especially since becoming such a loner.

Here's what would have happened.

First, I would have gone overboard and spent too much money on fancy ingredients for a pizza that would have been far too large for one man to eat. Then I would have eaten said gigantic oversized pizza in one sitting and felt horrible about myself.

Ah, maybe not too bad.

Now that I'm living with people again I may have to revisit this resolution sometime soon because I'm sure I can come up with some amazing pies.

As always, once I do get around to making pizza from scratch I will let you know.