Hopefully, She'll Host Again

When She Has No Class 


Though I was unfamiliar with the name Sally Kellerman, it only took me a second to place her face the second she stepped out on the stage. I mainly know her from the movie Back To School, but I know for sure that I've seen her in several other comedies where I was happy to see she was there.

That said, even though I like several of the comedies that she's been featured in, I wouldn't say that she was ever the driving force that brought in a bulk of the laughs. In fact, I would say that this episode could be explained the exact same way, where it's perfectly fitting for the season, and does a decent job but this episode wasn't funny enough to stand out on its own.

Alright, that's all I've got for today. As much as I'd love to ramble on, I'm currently doing jury duty and the eleven hour day of sitting around the courthouse or traveling by bus has me feeling extra exhausted. It doesn't help that my computer crashed after completing last night's review, which made me have to write it twice.

Hopefully, I'll get some sleep tonight, because I'm too tired for insomnia and on a schedule to where I can fit in eight hours but will probably end up getting six. Alright, I've got to stop this now before this becomes The Daily Breaker.

Now it's time to switch gears as I give you... 

The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. Tonight's special episode is "interrupting" Battle Of The World Powers.

  2. The show starts with a message from Rocket as Reagan who discusses the US's failing economy due to government waste. The sketch ends with a birthday surprise for no real reason other than to get Reagan to announce, "Live from New York..."

  3. Sally Kellerman then come out to open the show with a monolog where she does nothing but brag about herself and career before very quickly throwing to the first set of commercials.

  4. In this week's Rocket Report we go to the streets to experience Time Square during a parade that's celebrated the recently released Iranian hostages.

  5. We then go to Piscopo's apartment where he plays an angry Italian who throws the television out the window because of its poor reception then goes on to verbally abuse his family but in a way that's so extreme that it's cartoony and comical, so it never feels uncomfortable or inappropriate, well, at least not to me.

  6. Name That Sin is a fake game show where contestants try to name the sin based on sound effects alone.

  7. Then we get a short filmed called Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat where we see images of people doing weird tricks with the listed four body parts while a guy plays the piano with his nose.

  8. Was I Ever Red is an interview show hosted by Ann who talks to actresses about their most embarrassing moments while hosting dinner and Sally has quite a doozy of a tale.

  9. We then go to an execution that turns out to be a prank and this sketch turns out to be a fake ad for The Iranian Joke Book, which claims to have much more fun and games.

  10. Jimmy Cliff then returns to the show to perform I Am The Living.

  11. Once again, Rocket and Gail give us the news. This week Eddie Murphy discusses the fact that Lincoln never actually signed the Emancipation Declaration making slavery still completely legal then give white people a code word to recapture their runaway slaves, and Piscopo gives us the sports. (Clip 2)

  12. Parent And Child is an advice show informing viewers how to handle the event of their child catching them while they are having sex then go on to show us some examples.

  13. A Day In The Life Of A Hostage is a short film where we follow a returned hostage's day say he tries to navigate the world as a news celebrity who just wants the event to be over with already.

  14. Lean Acres is a sketch that takes place in a women's fat camp that is run more like a prison than the luxurious getaway that was promised. A heavy woman "from the audience" interrupts the sketch to point out how offensive this sketch is, to then calls out the writer and hits her with a ton of fat jokes.

  15. Jimmy Cliff then returns to the stage to perform Gone Clear.

  16. We then go to a meeting with the Iranian Student Council that plan traditional high school events with a little touch of terrorism.

  17. We then get another short film that shows us a claymation rendition of an average New York Night to the tune of a New York-themed song.

  18. Gilbert and Ann sit in bed arguing about how much Gilbert takes the dog out for walks and Ann thinks that it's a sign that the relationship is failing. It turns out that the dog in question isn't actually real, but instead it's a pillow with a dog's face painted on the fabric.

  19. We then go to a sketch that celebrates the new law that allows cameras into the courts, and we get the invention of Court TV. Gilbert plays a Senor Wences type witness who's being interviewed by the judge like it's a late night talk show. We then get an animal expert and finish off with plugs.

  20. Sally Kellerman then performs Starting Over Again.

  21. Finally, Sally closes the show by thanking the audience and saying her goodnights.

About halfway through this episode, I really started to worry that I didn't have a favorite moment, but this was a rare case where the second half of the show was better than the first which saved it from being below average. Since there are over twenty sketches per episode this season, there have usually been four or five sketches for me to choose from but this episode only had these three.

First, I loved Court TV/Talk Show sketch because I like how it predicted Court TV but mainly because I love Gilbert's Senor Wences. Next, I really liked the claymation New York short film because it was visually impressive. Finally, I was a fan of the Lean Acres sketch because I'm a fan of meta-humor, but I also liked how it was another case where it exposes discrimination where the people being discriminated against get defended without getting hit by too much shrapnel.


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