The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. This week's show starts with a fake ad for Alpo hosted by "Lorne Greene" who gets attacked by the dog because it turns out he is the meat dogs love.

  2. We then get a very brief huddle before we get a cheesy ‘80s transitional edit that brings us into Blythe Danner's monolog where she is interrupted by Mary Gross who mistakes her for a different actress. The two then have an impersonation off as a way to deal with the awkwardness only it because more awkward when Mary Gross gets too into the role.

  3. We then get a fake ad for a cola that has a theme song called America Is Turning Gay

  4. We then go to a house where two couples are having dinner when one of the couples announces that they have more time for hobbies now that they decided to become celibate. When the other couple asks why we find out there was a huge misunderstanding and that they weren't actually on the same page. Instead gave up sex because they thought the other person wanted it so they rush through the meal so they can get caught up on all the sex they missed out on as soon as their company is gone. All this while getting super sexual with their food.

  5. This was followed by a parody of 20/20 where Geraldo Rivera does an investigative piece on a local hospital and make outrageous claims about standard procedures while Blythe Danner is trying to give birth.

  6. We then get a repeat of the fake ad for Khaddaffi Jeans.

  7. Next, we meet a reclusive poet who shares a tale with her mom about the afternoon when she ventured out of her room. Eddie Murphy then breaks into the house to rob them, but the poet turns him into a romantic hero of her shut-in little world and then goes on to share one of her poems. Eddie is actually aware of her work as he is playing the, "Kill My Landlord," poet from a sketch called Prose And Cons.

  8. Rickie Lee Jones then takes the stage to perform Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue).

  9. We then go to a fake ad for the return of the '50s mentality as the '80s start to deal with the same cyclical issues that are returning once again today.

  10. Once again, Brian Doyle-Murray gives us the news with Christine Ebersole "filling in" for Mary Gross. The inconsistency in the news anchors is getting annoying because I can't help but think that there is some kind of behind the scenes nonsense going on since Christine definitely seems to be getting special treatment when she not really all that good. That said, she is a better anchor than a sketch performer. (Clip 2) (Clip 3)

  11. Michael Davis returns to the show for yet another comedic juggling routine.

  12. We then get another installment of The Uncle Tom Show where this week Uncle Tom Snyder interviews Gumby, in an introduction of Eddie who coins the catchphrase, "I'm Gumby damn it."

  13. Meet The People is a panel show where regular American get to ask the special guest whatever they want. This week's special guest is Princess Diana, and the questions were pretty strange.

  14. Blythe Danner then begs for help from the audience as a struggling artist almost as if it were a Kickstarter video from the day. She's doing so because of Reagan's cuts to the arts. We then see that she's been forced to take the role of a tuna for a TV ad because she can't make any money from plays.

  15. Rickie Lee Jones then returns to the stage to perform Lush Life as well as Woody And Dutch On The Slow Train To Peking.

  16. Finally, Blythe Danner closes the show by thanking the audience and saying her goodnights.

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