The Wicker Breakdown:

  1. This week the show starts with a jiggle with the lyrics, "NBC... Our age is showing..." and then we go straight into the opening sequence with no "Live from New York..." and a non-Don Pardo announcer that makes me feel way more nervous about this season over the last.

  2. There is no host this week and this time rather than have a character perform the opening monolog, the castmates run out, pose for a second, and then rush off to start the first sketch which is The Little Richard Simmons Show where Eddie Murphy plays a hybrid between Little Richard and Richard Simmons who hosts a workout show.

  3. We then get a short film/trailer for a fake movie called The Clams which is a parody of The Birds only it's clams that overrun the town.

  4. This was followed by two nuns hanging out on the beach talking about how they found their calling. One went the traditional route through the church the other through a one-off class at the local community college. They end up fighting over pudding only to have the voice of God intervene only it ends up being the voice of Bob who taught the college girl to nun.

  5. A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney is a parody of Andy Rooney's 60 Minutes spot or where ever he was doing his segment at the time. This week he waxes poetic about shoes and other mundane thoughts.

  6. Prose and Cons is a short film that shows how prisoners are turning into the brilliant authors of the day. This is where we get to hear Eddie Murphy's poem "Cill" My Landlord.

  7. Rod Stewart then hits the stage and performs Dance With Me and was then joined by Tina Turner to go on and sing Hot Legs.

  8. Once again we're given the news with new branding and a new host. It's now called Newsbreak and is hosted by Brian Doyle-Murray and Mary Gross. I have a feeling these two will grow to be fun. This week we see a clip from Tom Snyder's new Mexican Talk show in his attempt to collect the ratings from the growing Hispanic community, Eddie Murphy complains about the lack of black people in cinema.

  9. The Khaddafi Look is a fake ad for Khaddafi Jeans making fun of the Jordache Look.

  10. We then go to Sweetchuck sitting in bed after having just slept with Robin Duke and it's obviously a one night stand as Robin doesn't even remember his name and how he gets stranger and stranger the more she tries to get to know him. She then gets a call in the middle of the night where she learns her dad just died. As an awkward stranger, he has absolutely no idea how to comfort her and gets weirder and weirder with each attempt. She then tricks him into leaving her apartment.

  11. Oh dear God... We went to a commercial break, and it turns out that the above sketch isn't over. Now we are at the father's funeral, and it's beginning to feel more like a crappy pilot for a horrible sit-com, especially when Sweetchuck shows up with a gun.

  12. Then Michael Davis hits the stage to perform a comedy/juggling act.

  13. When then get a quick segment from Andy Warhol where he trashes SNL and goes on to tell a few jokes.

  14. Season Of Glass was apparently a short film by Yoko Ono about John Lennon that I couldn't find anywhere.

  15. Rod Steward then returns to the stage to perform Young Turks.

  16. Finally, the cast closes the show by thanking the audience and saying their goodnights.

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