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An Introduction:


I've been a huge fan of Saturday Night Live ever since I was a little kid. I have no idea if I was laughing for the right reasons, but I remember telling my friends about sketches I saw going back to elementary school where my friends were wowed by how late I was allowed to stay up as much as they were entertained by my sloppy reenactments of Ed Grimley.

I openly admit I did feel pretty cool about how late I was able to stay up. I remember in Junior High when Tone Loc's first album came out and one of his songs referenced Dave Letterman, I was so excited to find that none of my friends had a clue who he was. Granted, I don't know if any of these kids would have cared about a talk show even if they were allowed to stay up.

This was how the insomniac comic snob within me was born. It's not that I was allowed to stay up late. I just had a TV in my room that allowed me to sneak in as much time with as possible. By the time I was in high school there was Comedy Central, and when it first started, there was nothing more than a couple stand-up comedy shows and an endless loop of SNL.

The show was on so much, I kind of always assumed that I've seen every episode ever made, well at least during those early years. Even with reruns, I am sure this is not the case because I'm willing to bet that there are episodes, if not seasons that have been buried to avoid re-airings. 

In reality, the show has been on for 40 years, which used to excite me because I'm the same age, it became less exciting when I discovered that though the season count matches my age, they actually started in 75 when I was born in 76. I don't know why this tiny detail matters to me at all, but genuinely it does.

 Anyways, even with reruns, I there's no way I've seen all the episodes from my baby years. I know I watched the show some in elementary school but again even with reruns, I'm sure I missed a bunch. I do know that I've seen every episode from around the 6th grade until I turned 22 where my viewing gets spotty again.

Either way, it doesn't really matter, I've always had a fondness for the show and have been contemplating watching them all for quite a while, especially after hearing about through their advertising on many of the podcasts that I listen to. They have every episode available along with other interesting original content for only $3.99 a month which is do-able, even for my broke ass. 

The plan is to average at least an episode a night until I get through all close to 1000 episodes. Even if I don't watch an episode a day, I plan to create a backlog of reviews to where I can give a quick breakdown of each show, picking my favorite sketches from each night. I will then pit the pick of the night against the past favorites to finally figure out what is my favorite SNL sketch of all time. I will also do the same for my favorite season, favorite cast member, favorite music guest, and favorite host.

I know that this is going to take quite a while, but I do still have at least six years left with before I determine whether or not blogging was meant for me.

And with that, on with the show... 


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