Result #17: I may have failed at world domination but 89 countries isn't all that bad.

#17 Turn the world blue with the reach of TheWickerBreaker!

Date: 1-17-2014

Due Date: 1-17-2015

Resolution: According to the Google Analytics this blog has been read in these areas. When I see this map I can help but think about the board game Risk.

Risk is pretty much the only game the I get competitive over. I think it's because since there is more than one path to victory you can hide the fact that you actually are being competitive. In games like Monopoly, with a set path, once you take the lead it's hard not to showboat. When I was a kid, between my sister and my cousins, I was the youngest and these people would scare the shit out of me with how competitive they would get over Monopoly, but with Risk I could be in my own little world trying to figure out how I could come from behind and win at the last minute avoiding accusations of strong arming or collusion.

See Risk has nothing to do with this resolution but I get wistfulness just thinking about it.

Anyway I want to fill in as many of the gaps as I can in this map within the next year.

How you can help: If you see an area that not blue and you know someone who lives there, send them a link to one of your favorite resolutions and let them know that the only reason you are sharing this with them is to help one man achieve his dream of turning an entire map blue.  

PS. Let me know if you participate and what area you are responsible for turning blue and I will give you credit!

Update #1:

 Date: 1-19-2014

Look familiar?

In other news since starting this I've gained 5 countries and South Dakota!!!

Update #2:

Date: 1-22-14

Almost there America.

I don't know why but of the missing states I'm most bothered by the fact that I'm missing Connecticut and Vermont. I even tried to scam old people into checking out the site including the Connecticut and Vermont Chapters of AARP with a link to the site.

I don't know, I thought it was funny. 

I've also gained 2 more countries since my last update!!!

Update #3:

Date 1-23-2014

Wow, only three more states! I also picked up two new countries. This is becoming like Risk!

Update #4:

Date: 1-23-14

Today was an interesting day. When I woke up this morning and settled in to start my day I went to the Google Analytics and there had already been the same amount of readers that I had for the entire yesterday. Part of me felt relieved because that meant that I didn't have to worry that to day would be the day the my hopes came to a crashing end from people losing interest. I've only gotten feedback from a couple of people so I can't tell if they're just curious or if there people will return to follow my progress.

Either way I'm going to continue on, but I'll still always have those fears.

Okay now for what I'm really hear to announce...

Today... I GOT CONNECTICUT!!! I don't know why it's been bugging me that I haven't gotten a reader from Connecticut so bad. I think it's because I got most of the New England area to check out the site pretty early on and Connecticut and Vermont were my two hold outs.

Granted all this excitement is over one reader, but every view is pretty exciting for this one writer!

Here's what the map looks like now...

Normally when I share these I share the stats starting from when I started the website last year.

Normally when I share these I share the stats starting from when I started the website last year.

This is what the map looked like just from today!

This is what the map looked like just from today!

Only two more to go!!!

Oh yeah, I also snagged five new countries!

Update #5: I got North Dakota!!!

Date: 2-1-2014

And I'm up to 64 Countries!

Update #6: I've filled in the United States!

Date: 2-4-2014

TheWickerBreaker has been read at least once in every state across America!!!

Update #7: The Conclusion:

Date: 1-17-2015

Well, the entire map may not be blue but it is pretty cool to see where this little blog ventures off to when I'm not looking.

Though this resolution may officially be a failure, I still think overall experience is a success!!!