Result #296: Though I did learn to knit, I failed to move on to enormous needles.

#296: Track down giant knitting needles to knit my own blanket.

Date: 10-23-2014

Due Date: 10-23-2015

The Resolution: One of my favorite things that I've learned to do, as part of this resolution deal, is how to knit. As I sat down to come up with today's resolution I started to think how the deadline for the resolution to knit Doug the Trunk Penguin a sweater is quickly approaching.

Well, over two months from now, which is shockingly both the near future and the distant future at the same time.

Anyways, with knitting on my mind, I thought back to a video I saw on the YouTube of a woman knitting a blanket with two giant homemade PVC knitting needles. At first I was going to go the PVC route but then I decided that I wanted to track down the real deal giant knitting needles to have as a keepsake of this experiment.

Once I track down these needles I will knit a blanket for my eventual apartment make-over.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 10-23-2015

This year I learned how to knit. In fact, knitting is partially to blame for this whole resolution experiment. When I resolved to learn to knit sweaters for penguins based on an article I read from a friend's Facebook post, I came up with the idea to set a resolution a day as a joke but here we are almost two years later and I'm still at it.

Unfortunately there have been way more fails than I intended. Due to some life changes and financial struggles I haven't been able to fulfill many of the tasks including this one to use giant knitting needles to knit a giant blanket.

Though this resolution is a failure at this moment, I do plan to revisit it once I get back on my feet. As always, I will keep you posted on my progress.