Result #66: It turns out that I can type... 55!!! (Sang like Sammy Hagar.)

#66 Get my typing speed up to 55 wpm.

Date: 3-7-2014

Due Date:  3-7-2015

Resolution: Back in 1998 I wrote my first feature length screenplay (Monkey, Galaxie, Me) using the good ole hunt and peck with two fingers typing technique. When I finished the first draft I instantly knew this is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. 

I started to write my second screenplay (This Place Sucks) and found that two finger typing wasn't going to cut it. I bought a typing instruction program and learned how to type like an adult.

I took a few lessons to learn the proper finger positions and found it made life a lot easier. As soon as I felt comfortable typing with all of my fingers I gave up on furthering my training. Though I know the proper finger position, my technique is kind of a modified hybrid of standard typing and hunting and pecking with all my fingers.

After years of writing this way I can type at a decent speed and I only have to look down at the keyboard from time to time. This works fine for me but I know I can do better and increase my productivity.

I just took an online typing speed test to find that I writer 35 wpm. I searched the internet to see what is considered a good typing speed and found 35 wpm falls into the average category. Not bad, but I want to get into the above average bracket which starts at 45 and goes up to 60. After 60 you become an expert.

I would aim for 60 but then I wouldn’t be able to use the joke, "because I can't type.... 55!"

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 3-7-2015

Though I did by typing instructional software. I didn't end up using it all that much.

I already type a lot to begin with but since starting the 365 Days of Resolution portion of this blog I've been writing on a daily basis. In that time I've been focusing more and more on proper typing techniques. 

Up until I bought my latest computer, about three years ago, I preferred use an ergonomic split keyboard. The ergonomic keyboard that I had when I purchased the computer was old, filthy and wired. The keyboard that came with the computer was nice, flat and wireless. I liked the feel of the flat keys so I thought I would give it a shot.

At first it was nice. I like the flat keys. I also find when I switch from a split keyboard to a standard keyboard my typing speed goes up for a while. With the split keyboard I may not always use the proper fingers to hit specific keys but I do use the correct hands due to the split.

After a while of using a standard keyboard I fall back into old habits that slow down my typing speed but only by a tiny bit. I had been typing with this standard keyboard for over a year when I took the test to get my baseline speed of 35wpm.

My standard keyboard was damaged during my move so I decided to go back to the ergonomic split keyboard.

I haven't tested my typing speed in about six months and was a little caught off guard by this resolution's due date.

Caught off guard but intrigued.

I've only had this new ergonomic split keyboard for about a week now. I felt very uncoordinated the first couple days that I used it. Then about three days ago I found my groove so I was interested in seeing how fast I was typing.

I took my first follow up test this morning. Right out the gate, without warming up, I was typing at 45wpm. With the non-flat keys I found that I hit extra keys when I'm trying to type fast and this brought down my score.

After a little over an hour of practicing I was finally able to get my speed up to 56wpm leading this resolution to be a success!