Result #139: Maybe some day I'll get back up to the Pacific Northwest to complete this one.

#139: Visit the Hoh Rain Forest

Date: 5-19-2014

Due Date: 5-19-2015

Resolution: I've been living in Seattle for close to 18 years now. I spent my first 13 or 14 years knowing nothing but the neighborhoods where I lived or worked in. Then I started to work in film and got to explore the state of Washington.

I've worked in tiny coastal communities, the deserts in Eastern Washington, truck stop towns in the middle of nowhere, even the underground tunnel system beneath the Seattle Center. Because of film I was allowed into places that no one else gets to see.

There's still one place I have yet to visit even though I've been interested in it ever since moving up here. That place is the Hoh Rain Forest located on the Olympic Peninsula. When I first heard about this place I was young and thought the Amazon was the only real rain forest on the planet, so I had to see this new rain forest that's only a day trip away.

Apparently I didn't have to see it that bad because here we are today, 18 years and I have yet to make a single attempt to get out there. Well, as with most of these resolutions this is another thing that I finally plan to change. Within a year from today I will finally venture out to see the Hoh Rain Forest.


This is yet another resolution that I set before I even thought of moving out of the Pacific Northwest. Hopefully I'll make it back up there some day and if I do I'll have to plan a little trip to the Hoh.

We'll see what happens.