Result #148: I was so good at this ab roller resolution for the first eight months but then I packed away the wheel leading me to fail.

#148: Do at least ten of these ab wheels a day for a year.

Date: 5-28-2014

Due Date: 5-28-2015

Resolution: I don't even have to wait to buy this one!

As I mentioned in my resolution about electrocuting my abs into shape, I was once really into working out. I discovered the simple ab wheel a couple years before the spring loaded infomercial style started popping up everywhere.

It's funny how all it takes is one infomercial to make you instantly assume a product is too good to be true. I've never used one of the spring loaded ab wheels to know whether or not there's an added benefit, all I know is the bare bones wheel on a stick version used to kick my ass.

It's been years since I've used my ab wheel but I figure now that I'm getting in a daily workout I may as well add this oldie but goodie exercise into the mix. 

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 5-28-2015

I've owned and used a simple ab wheel for years, so when I set this resolution I had no excuses. I didn't have to wait until I had the money to buy an ab wheel and I didn't have to build up to be able to do ten reps a day. I just went right to work rolling my abs away.

I started strong and never missed a day.

Even as I went through the highs and lows of the last year, this is one of the few resolutions where I didn't skip a beat right up until I packed the ab wheel up for my move to San Diego.

It all went down hill from there.

I planned to take a couple days off as I spent my last couple days in Seattle with zero belongings. I also knew I'd be taking a couple days off when I got in, being that the package would still be in the mail.

The plan was to just double my reps for the day until I got caught up. The plan wasn't to find myself in such a funk that I almost gave up on this project all together. Though I did manage to maintain some of the resolutions in the process, the ab wheel didn't make the cut.

I've tried to restart the rolling regiment a couple times but I lost the momentum of having such a long streak of not missing a day.

My redemption plan for this one is; starting tomorrow, I will do ten ab wheels a day until the end of the year. I figure an additional six months of rolling will make up for the four months that lead to the fail.

Who knows, I may continue on into the new year but as far as the redemption goes, this is the new rule.