Result #184: First I lost track of the adapter during the move then I lost track of time leading to another failure.

#184: Hook my flashlight TV up to my VCR to watch these classics.

Date: 7-3-2014

Due Date: 7-3-2015

Resolution: A few years ago I found this flashlight/television at a thrift store and bought it because I though it looked cool. The fact that it was only five bucks also helped the decision process.

At first I kept it in my truck as more of a conversation piece/something to keep Doug the Truck Penguin entertained.

It has a built in antenna and no auxiliary ports so being that I bought it post digital television conversion I had no intentions of ever actually using this thing.

That is until the other day when I was cleaning out my bedroom/storage room when I had to decide what to do with this funky contraption.

That's when I noticed a hidden 3.5mm port in the back labeled Ant. Apparently there is a way to hook this thing up to external devices!

My enthusiasm for my purchase was revived as I tried to think of what I would watch on this tiny screen.

That's when I looked to the left a little, toward my bookcase filled with old VHS tapes and in another case of, "You put you chocolate in my peanut butter," I decided to combine these ancient pieces of entertainment technology, and here we are today.

I just ordered a 3.5mm to coax adapter. As soon as it arrives my tiny viewing experience will begin.

I will keep you posted.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 7-3-2015

I know it's been months since I've moved but since I still don't have a steady income I am unable to buy the furniture needed to organize my belongings. Most of my half started projects are on a pile on a table across from my desk.

Not only is my living space unorganized, I'm still working on organizing my life. As much as I wish and try to pretend that I had the enthusiasm to put my all into everything I do, at this point it's hard accomplish anything with extra hurdles involved.

I'm working at it though and I know once I work through this latest low point in my life, there will be an opening of the flood gates of productivity. So if you are reading this, bear with me as I try to figure things out and someday I will watch these movies on this tiny TV and get back to you with my findings.