Result #222: I'm getting better at drawing but not good enough to feel comfortable designing a permanent tattoo. I'll get there someday though.

#222: Design my own tattoo.

Date: 8-10-2014

Due Date: 8-10-2015

Resolution:Though I played a big part in picking and arranging my tattoos, all the imagery already existed. All I did was say, "Put this picture here, with that one there and make this instead of that."

Luckily I've always found tattoo artist with the talent to interpret and pull off my demands.

I've had an evolving idea for sleeves that I want. This concept requires all original art work and so far I've been unable to communicate the vision that I have in my head.

Though I don't feel that my skills are anywhere near up to par quite yet, now that I'm learning to draw, I plan to have at least a rough sketch of this idea by this time next year.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 8-10-2015

I think I'm getting pretty good at drawing, but I don't think I'm anywhere close enough to designing the tattooed sleeves that I have in my. I'm sure if I sat down and focused I could draw enough of an outline that a better artist (which I hope my tattoo artist would be) could take the concept and run with it.

The other problem is, I'm not fully sure what I want. I do know that I want monkey astronauts a guy on one arm, and a girl on the other. I also want one arm to represent my hopes and the other to represent my fears. I'm just not sure how I want to pull that off.

I could have the monkey's in space, with the earth in view on one arm showing my fears and then the universe in the background of the other showing my hopes. Or I could have them on Earth and have a nice, and scary neighborhood as the background for each.

I like both ideas, but really need to see it to fully tell which concept I would to work on. I'm just not good enough at drawing yet, but I do feel I will get there someday and will share what I come up with when I do.