Result #243: The price of 3D Printing Pens has dropped in half since I set this resolution; let's see how cheap they are when I can finally afford one.

#243: Learn to draw with a futuristic 3D Pen.

Date: 8-31-2014

Due Date: 8-31-2015

Resolution: To any one old enough to have spent a majority of their lives living in the years B.I. (Before Internet); could you imagine how your mind would be blown if this invention just popped up one day?

It would have been considered wizardry.

Nowadays the moment anything is invented our modern mind think, "It's about time. What took them so long?"

Though I have to work to put myself in the right perspective, I'm still blow away by modern inventions.

Anything 3D printing fascinates me these days, especially now that I have a growing appreciation for art.

Luckily we also live in a time where these magical devices are somewhat affordable. Since I'm getting double time for working the holiday tomorrow, I'll be able to get this with my next paycheck!

I can't wait!!!

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 8-31-2015

Unfortunately, I didn't buy a 3D Printing Pen back when I had a steady full time job. Fortunately, I put it off because I bought an kit to build an actual 3D Printer Kit. Unfortunately, this 3D Printer kit ended up coming from China and there are way more than just language barriers in the Chinese instructions, the illustrations seem to be written in Chinese as well.

Fortunately, the price of 3D Printing Pens has dropped so much I should be able to afford one the next time I get paid for any of my work. That said this resolution is probably going to transfer over to my bucket list so I can afford to avoid a few more failures when it comes to the resolution.

As always, I'll keep you posted.