Result #112: All I need to do is get these videos in the mail then I've successfully participated in the World Speed Project!!!

#112: Help this guy accomplish his foolish goal.

Date: 4-22-2014

Due Date: 4-22-2015

Resolution: Yesterday I saw a post on the Facebook about this guy who has a goal to collect every single copy of Speed on VHS that exists. If you can't tell already, one of my favorite thing in the world is the concept of being passionately dedicated to ambitious goals that other may not see the point in. 

Therefor I vow to help this man on his quest.

I in no way intend to devote a year to actively seeking out as many VHS copies of Speed in order to become an uninvited virtual sidekick/potential rival, but if I'm ever at a thrift store, a garage sale or any other venues that would potential sell said maguffin I'll do my part and buy what's there.

On April 22 2015 I will send him what I've managed to track down. My goal is at least but not limited to 12 copies (one a month.) If I don't reach that number passively the search will turn active and I'll pay the price. Even if I have to buy copies from him.

Update #1: The Conclusion.

Date: 4-22-2015

Well, I didn't find as many copies of Speed as I hoped but I did my part in helping one man own every VHS copy of Speed that exists on the planet.

God's speed, World Speed Project!!!